Some Central Florida gas stations run out of gas amid rush

A rush to buy gas was seen at some Central Florida gas stations, though many were operating as usual.

FOX 35 News visited several gas stations in Volusia County and found some without gas or with limited supply. Some people like Steve Smith decided to stock up. 

"We got gas, a little bit to run our lawnmowers and stuff, and our small gas engines," he said. 

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The retiree who lives in Ormond Beach had to pay up a bit more.

"They’re out of regular gasoline so you have to buy the premium so sometimes you have to pay a little more," he said. 

Paul Mathison was unaware of the sudden increase in demand. He said he hopes it gets figured out soon.

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"My kids gotta eat, gotta get places, I know there’s only like two weeks left of school but we still gotta get the kids back and forth," he said. 

"We can get through it and we just hope that we get this straightened out with whatever it is," added Smith.

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