Some could lose jobs over medical pot

Medical marijuana is newly legal in our state, but some work rules about it are muddled.

Sumter County Administrator Bradley Arnold said his county is one of a few in Central Florida where government employees can use medical marijuana with a prescription.

"We view it as any other type of medical prescription," he said.

But, he added, workers have to understand their limits while working based on doctor’s orders, “so that they stay safe in their work and stay safe in serving the public.”

Arnold said it is no different than any other doctor's prescription.  As an employee, it depends entirely on where you work. In addition to Sumter, Lake, and Seminole county government employees will be allowed to use medical marijuana by prescription.

Government employees cannot in Orange, Marion, Brevard, and Flagler counties. People could possibly be eligible in Flagler County in 90 days.

FOX 35 checked with several school districts as well.  School district employees in Volusia, Flagler  and Orange counties can’t use medical marijuana as of now.  Marion County Public Schools spokesperson Kevin Christian said they are treating medical marijuana like any other prescription.

FOX 35 talked to some employees within Sumter County government who applaud the policy.

"I think, yes. If it’s necessary, you should be able to get it," said Bobbie Todd.

"It's something I think we should be supportive of,” Jada Glover told us.

Arnold said the county will create new rules for companies that want to be considered for new dispensaries on January 10.