Some counties opt out of state's pre-registration site for COVID-19 vaccines

The State of Florida launched a website where residents can pre-register for the COVID-19 vaccine, but not every county is opting in to use it, which has caused confusion. 

What's unique about the state's website is that Florida residents can pre-register for the COVID-19 vaccine, which essentially puts the person's name on a waitlist. 

The state launched the new COVID-19 pre-registration system on Friday, but not every county has decided to use the system, since it's not required.

Seminole County says it's sticking with Eventbrite to book COVID-19 vaccine appointments because of bugs and crashes they've seen on the state's system. 

"Our data is already in and it’s being utilized by the individuals, their second doses are already in that system, so we’re not going to change midstream. Not until the state has worked out the bugs," said Seminole County Emergency Management Director Alan Harris. 

Seminole County was part of the state's pilot program and believes the site could be hard for seniors to navigate. 

"The system itself is very, very good. It’s got multiple levels of data, it has ways you can look at screens in different ways, but for the community we’re trying to reach, it’s actually quite challenging. It’s technologically advanced," Harris said. 

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Volusia County is also not using the state's system at this time. A county official tells FOX 35 Orlando that the transition to a new system is not an immediate process, saying it was launched before they were set up on the platform and now they're waiting on the state. 

"We recognize the state's announcement has created frustration and ask for the publics' patience as the county awaits the state's next steps in working with Volusia County to roll out this new platform," said a county official. 

Gov. Ron DeSantis said in a news conference on Monday that the state will work to fix any technical issues on the state's system. 

"I think some other counties have used it and it’s worked satisfactorily, but there are people working on it as things develop. They obviously want to work to try and fix it," Gov. DeSantis said.


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