Special nursing pod provides privacy for new moms

You don’t have to be a frequent flyer to take advantage of an exclusive new spot at Orlando International Airport.

You just have to be a new mom. 

This month, the airport installed four new Mamava nursing suites—one in Baggage Claim B and three inside the terminal.  The pods—which are about the size of an elevator—provide mothers who wish to have privacy and quiet time with their baby a place to nurse. 

“If I need to feed my child, I'm going to feed my child,” said Cynthia Weiss of Bethesda, Maryland.  “But there are some people who don't have that comfort level and it's not an easy thing.”

“The hardest part [of traveling while nursing] is finding a place where I feel comfortable sitting with my bags and the baby and not feeling too stressed,” said Michaela Montagne of Minneapolis. 

There’s a bench, a countertop, and an outlet inside the suites, which landed at OIA by popular demand.  

“We collect comments and concerns and one of them that kept coming up was a place for mothers to breast feed,” said customer service director Brian Engle, adding that the airport is in the process of creating 10 more nursing rooms.