Stand out with these iconic Movember mustaches

When you shave for this Movember, it’s a good idea to have a plan for how you’re going to fashion that facial fur. Whether you’re just growing your charity Mo or sticking with it for months to come, here are some famous styles to consider when those whiskers grow back.

Get super-villiany, and let a Fu Manchu hang low off the lip down to your jaw. 

While the Fu Manchu hangs from the lip, the horseshoe grows down from your lip rug. Grow a mullet and hit the gym to harness your inner Hulk Hogan.

If you’re in a surreal mood, go with the Salvador Dali. Keep it narrow and curve the long points upwards.

Feeling nostalgic? Go for the Captain Hook handlebar. You’ll have instant cred in Neverland and hipster bars. Keep it bushy and long enough to curl.

If your video game profile needs an upgrade, go with the Imperial. You’ll need some cheek hair and some gravity defying bush to get your Archduke Franz Ferdinand on while playing Battlefield 1.

As fine as the pencil mustache is, it’s an even finer line between sophistication and creepy.

If you like to dictate your own pace, go with the Walrus. Wilford Brimley can’t rep this one alone. These bushy bristles hang down over the lips for the perfect soup strainer.

If you’re feeling more autonomous, let out your inner Libertarian with the Ron Swanson.

Get a jump on cool before the new Lando movie comes out. Let it grow just past the upper lip, but keep it trim and release that charming smuggler.

And of course you can never go wrong with a beloved classic. The Magnum P.I. is thick and long enough to cover the width of the lips. While you’re at it, let that chest hair grow wild!

Or just be you! Because it’s you that really matters. Movember is about men’s health and men everywhere.