Star Trek actor comes through with Star Wars gift for autistic boy

It’s not uncommon for children with autism to be selective about what they eat, and Everett has gravitated to the Star Wars branded Kraft Dinner. He loved the limited-edition Star Wars shaped noodles, but unfortunately there were no more left in the town of Nanaimo. 

Shatner’s tweet helped the story reach a lot of people that Botwright couldn’t, and people began tracking down dinner for Everett. People like Sandra Christenson, who found 80 boxes and tweeted out her help.

And while the product is no longer being made, Kraft was able to track down 144 boxes sitting in an American warehouse they’ve since given to the family. 

Reed tweeted in response to the generosity, “Thanks everyone for your support! We have enough for a lifetime supply of Everett’s KD!!!”

We can find comfort in a favorite movie like Star Wars. It can come from eating a favorite meal. It can be giving a parent that little extra help they need. But few things are more comforting than putting a smile on a child’s face. Watch the video to see the community meal.