Madeline Soto update: Here's what evidence the state has in Florida teen's death investigation

New documents in the case against Stephan Sterns, the man accused of killing 13-year-old Madeline Soto, detail what potential evidence law enforcement and detectives have gathered during their investigation.

Recently, the state responded to the defense's motion for "demand of discovery," which sought to see what documents, items, phone records, and other elements the state has in its possession before a possible trial.

The five-page document provides an itemized list of what the state has in its possession.

Various statements, logs, and incident reports from the deputies, detectives, and officers involved in the investigation are included.

But other items include affidavits for what appear to be social media accounts possibly tied to Madeline Soto, including ones specifically for Discord and Instagram. There is also an application for tracking information connected to three vehicles -- a 2012 Honda Civic, a 2010 Lincoln, and a 2022 Nissan.

It also references "Pen registration," which tracks outgoing signals from a cell phone; arrest warrants, a "firearms trace summary," and the "ME Report." Two of the numbers appear to be connected to Sterns and Jenn Soto, Maddie's mom, FOX 35 has learned.


The report details what documents have been provided to the defense, what documents can be copied, and what documents can be examined or viewed by appointment at the State Attorney's Office.

The document requests the defense provide a 1 TB hard drive to store copies of the various items.

Forensics expert Stacey Chepren said the list tells its own story.

"You have your crime scene, actual on-scene activity, and then your major case investigation steps, and then you can see it progressing as they're getting warrants and asking for certain things," she said.

Madeline Soto's body was found on March 1 in a grassy area in Osceola County, five days after she was reported missing. Her mom's boyfriend, Stephan Sterns, has been charged with first-degree murder in her death.

Officials have not shared details on how the Florida teen died or the circumstances surrounding her death. Officials previously said her laptop and backpack were found inside a dumpster at an apartment complex.

Sterns has not spoken to detectives. He has not provided a motive in the girl's death, officials said.

Florida State Attorney Andrew Bain said his state prosecutors have not yet decided if they will seek the death penalty against Sterns.

"We're still in talks about it. Still discussions amongst myself and our homicide team. Our executive team, seeing what aggravating, if any, we have, that we can go on," he said.

A judge has scheduled a pretrial conference for July 10. The jury trial is currently scheduled for July 16.

Sterns is also facing more than 60 counts of sexual battery, molestation, and other sex-related charges in a separate case.