Stolen barber shop pole holds sentimental value for owner

Wires hanging outside a Holly Hill barbershop are what's left of the barber pole that has been around for decades. Police say thieves took the pole Tuesday. 

"Evidently, they must have taken it at night," said owner Joe Navarro. "Kind of nervy, being right here on the highway.  I would have thought maybe somebody would have seen something."

Navarro, 83, who opened Ridgewood Barber Shop with his father and brother, said the pole held great sentimental value.   His dad and brother have since died.  He said the barber pole reminded him of their time together.  He said it also served a business purpose.  When it was rotating, customers knew the shop was open.

Customers are baffled that this happened. "You're a bunch of crooks!" said Beverly Lienhard.  "Bring it back!"

Barber Ronald Fillmore and others are trying to spread the word thru social media and local connections. "It's a regular treasure to us; it's something that's been around many years.  Like anything else, you acquire these things and they have sentimental value and bring back a lot of memory."

Navarro still cuts hair twice a week and estimates a new pole would cost $500 to $1,000.  He said business will carry on as usual, but he would like to have this piece of history back.  "It was more sentimental than anything else for me. We started out with this equipment, and I'll miss it," he said. 



Information from: Daytona Beach (Fla.) News-Journal,