Stolen military pins returned to family

Deputies in Florida say three people were arrested, accused of burglarizing at least 15 Orange County homes, since last month.

"It was terrible, it's a total violation of your privacy," explains Peter Langlois.

He says someone smashed the window of his Belle Isle house.

"They completely ravaged the place."

According to investigators, the thieves took computers and televisions.  But that's not all.

"Birth certificates, social security cards, all my wife's jewelry," Langlois says.

What he really dreaded losing were precious mementos of his father: WWII military pins from Korea and Vietnam gone.

"Mainly my dad's pins meant the most," Langlois says.  "He passed away 11 years ago. So he was a colonel in the military."

He calls them irreplaceable.

"He passed them down to me when I was in high school... they mean a lot to me."

After a random traffic stop and search warrant, deputies arrested Brandon Harris, Tavarrus King and Janisha Smith.  They say the trio filled two storage units with stolen goods like computers, televisions and Langlois' military pins.

"They're all pilot, helicopter test pilot."

While he is still waiting to get his belongings back, he was able to get his dad's pins.

"The sheriff's department really came through," he adds.  "Means everything to me. Like I say, my father passed that down to me."