Stranger saves driver from burning truck

Jason Williams says he was on his way with a delivery of heavy equipment in Apopka, on State Road 429 Thursday morning, when he saw a dump truck lose a tire.

"I swerved off road, so he didn't hit me. He went all the way across all the lanes, and when he hit the other side of the road, he hit the corner of the pond, and when he did he became airborne," he explained.  "Went straight up, hit the other embankment nose first then flipped over on the side and burst into flames!"

Williams ran over to help.  "All of a sudden, the door flips open on the top and he's screaming, 'Get me out of here!  I'm burning! I'm burning!' I climbed up the back side of the truck, and I tried to grab him by both arms and pull him up by his arms."

He says the truck driver hugged him and thanked him.  

Williams has burns to his face, neck, ear and arm, but he went right back to work. Despite the pain, he says he'd do it all over again.  

The dump truck driver remains hospitalized in critical condition.