Students raise money for electronic glasses that allow partially blind classmate to see

Paige Mehlberger is a 16-year-old high school student who just got an incredible gift from her classmates: the gift of sight.

Her new glasses are eSight glasses, special electronic glasses designed to help those who are legally blind or extremely visually impaired see. When Mehlberger was given an opportunity to try them out, she was able to see her family’s and classmates’ faces for the first time ever.

When Mehlberger’s classmates heard about her experience, they decided to pitch in and get her a pair of her own. They raised more than $6,000 in just a matter of days, and surprised Mehlberger at a special ceremony in her school’s auditorium.

Beyond helping her to see the faces of her friends and family, Mehlberger also says that the glasses will help her in school, allowing her to read and make out the shapes in geometry. Eventually, they will make it easier for her to navigate college on her own.