Studies show 'man flu' may be real

Ladies, be ready. Your men are about to start complaining about the man flu!

We all know men act like the world is ending when they get the flu… but new studies show they may have a valid reason.

Dr. Kyle Sue conducted a study that proves men’s symptoms may be worse because their immune systems are weaker than women’s.  Women are more likely to respond to flu vaccines and men *self-reportedly* take longer to recover from viruses.

Time points out:

“There are major limitations to these studies: among them the biases of the author, the low-level quality of some of the evidence and a failure of the review to take into account sex-related behavioral differences. Sue, who acknowledges these barriers, calls for further research to help determine if the phenomenon is truly psychological, or if there’s a physiological basis to man flu.”

Are you buying that man flu is a real thing?