SunPass issues alert about phishing scam carried out via text messages

SunPass has issued an alert about a scam that could affect your pocketbook.

As recently as last Wednesday, the toll program has warned the public about phishing attempts via text messages.

"I got it [last] Tuesday at 8:46 at night, so the timing of it was the first red flag to me," Cai Zhang of Davenport told FOX 35.

The text he received reads:

The message also includes a link to a website featuring the same layout and logos you'd find on the real

However, the $3.95 balance in the center of the homepage is a good indicator that the website is fake.

"I didn't even sign into my account," Zhang said. How do you know how much I owe you? That's got to be a scam."

Paige Vecchitto of Milton received a similar text message on Monday morning. Although the text differs, it also mentions a past-due balance of $12.51 and a link to a fake website. Initially, Vecchitto believed the text was real.

"That one just didn't even cross my mind as being a scam because I do have a SunPass account," she said. "So many things, banks, everything are sending notices that way, so I just, without even thinking, automatically clicked on it, which I don't usually do."

Her intuition kicked in right before typing in her personal banking information. 

"When the invoice came up, I started trying to click just to see if I could get into my account. It wouldn't let me go anywhere, only to make a payment. And I'm like, 'This isn't right,'" she said.

In a message on its website, SunPass says:

If you're ever in doubt, contact SunPass to confirm whether a text message you've received is authentic.