Susan Lorincz: Bond granted for Florida woman accused of shooting, killing Ocala neighbor

A Marion County judge granted bond Friday morning for Susan Lorincz, the woman accused of shooting and killing her neighbor Ajike "AJ" Owens following a dispute regarding Owens' children.

If she posts the $154,000 bond, she can return to her Ocala home where she allegedly shot Owens through a closed front door – unless she is evicted – but cannot have any contact with Owen's family or possess any firearms or weapons.

She will be required to wear an ankle monitor prior to leaving jail and cannot leave the state of Florida. She must also surrender her passport.

Lorincz was arrested Tuesday night in Owens' shooting death. Her bond was set at $150,000 for the charge of manslaughter with a firearm, and $1,000 each for her other charges of culpable negligence, battery and assault (two counts).

During the bond hearing, Lorincz told the judge she only had $1,700 to post. 

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Susan Lorincz appeared in a Marion County courtroom where a judge granted her $154,000 bond Friday morning. 

The shooting: what we know

On June 2, 2023, Marion County deputies said Lorincz fired a shot through the front door of her Ocala home, killing Owens. Lorincz, who claimed self-defense, was later arrested on Tuesday night after investigators learned the shooting was not justified under Florida's Stand Your Ground law.

Authorities said Lorincz was upset about children playing in a field near her home. She reportedly started yelling at them, which another neighbor overheard. She also allegedly threw a rollerblade, striking one of the children.

Deputies said an older sibling went to Lorincz's home first to talk with her and she swung an umbrella at the child. That's when authorities said Owens knocked on Lorincz's door.


An arrest affidavit said Owens was banging on Lorincz's door. The banging reportedly shook Lorincz and her other neighbor's walls the report stated.

911 calls released: ‘I thought she was going to kill me’

Calls Lorincz made to 911 revealed panic and chaos before and after Owens was shot. 

Caller: Oh my God, this lady just tried to break down my door. I shot through the door. (inaudible). The woman was screaming and yelling, and she was trying to break down my door.
Dispatch: It was a female?
Caller: Yes
Caller: I didn't know what to do. I grabbed my gun and shot at the door 'cause I thought she was going to kill me...oh my God.
Caller: I shot at the door because she wouldn't stop. I told her 'get away,' and she wouldn't.

Owens was a mother of four, and one of her children was standing next to her when the shooting happened, which is why deputies said Lorincz is facing a culpable negligence charge. 

Lorincz's manslaughter charge is a first-degree felony with a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

Owens' supporters are pressing prosecutors to upgrade the charge to murder.