Suspect in shooting of Apopka teen ID'd

Authorities have identified the young man who allegedly shot and killed an Apopka teenager on Saturday. Quashun Massey, 16, was arrested on one charge of second degree murder in the fatal shooting of Destiny Bargman, 15.   According to family members, the two teenagers were involved in a secret relationship.

The shooting happened around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday at a home on Sheeler Hills Dr. in Apopka.  At a candlelight vigil held on Sunday, Bargman's aunt described her niece as bright girl who died too soon.  "Right now, this family is really taking it hard, and we just ask for the prayers,”said Vostelle Williams.

Friends and family came together outside the home where the shooting occurred to mourn the loss the Wekiva High School Honor Roll student.  “I did everything with her, and it’s just really sad to see her gone,” said Alexis Williams, the victim’s cousin.  

Investigators on Monday released police released Massey’s arrest report, which provided new details into what led up to the deadly shooting in Destiny’s bedroom.  According to police, Massey told investigators he was playing around in Destiny’s bedroom with her, he left the room to get a handgun from another person who was in the house, then returned to Destiny’s room with the weapon.  Massey told investigators he knew the gun was working, because they had been firing it in the back yard earlier in the day.  Massey told police he was laying next to Destiny and did not think the gun was loaded.  

Massey said he began pointing the barrel of the gun at his girlfriend’s head and pulling the trigger.  Detectives said Massey admitted that Destiny asked him not to point the gun at her.  Massey told police he pulled the trigger two times and heard the gun click two times, and on the third trigger pull, the firearm shot a live round into Destiny.

Investigators said Massey immediately took the gun to the kitchen and returned to the room where he shot Destiny.  She was no longer conscious, and someone called 911.  

From what Massey told police, he and Destiny had been dating for five years and he spent the night at her home the evening before the deadly shooting.

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