Suspicious death investigated in Edgewater; neighbor arrested on separate marijuana charge

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Police in Edgewater are investigating after a man was discovered dead inside his home at 104 W. Pine Bluff.  Officers arrived at the house off of South Ridgewood Avenue on Wednesday morning, where they were met by a man who said he had not heard from his neighbor in days, so he went to check on him.   

"He was my best friend, you know. We moved here at the same time," the neighbor told FOX 35.  "I just opened the door, I looked, I seen him laying there. I shut door and opened it again to make sure I saw what I saw, I called 911."

Police identified the deceased as Barry Lowe, 64.  They said there is trauma to the body, but at this point, they are not sure if it is from an accidental fall or the result of foul play.  They are calling the death suspicious.  "We're going to send the photos up to the Medical Examiner and see if she can look at them and make a determination of what she thinks the trauma might have been caused by," said Edgewater Police Chief David Arcieri.

While detectives were investigating the death, a 911 call was received from a man who had locked himself inside a nearby storage unit, where investigators say he was growing pot.  Officers said the man, who was living inside the unit, told them he thought that officers were after him, because of his marijuana growing operation. "There's a, um, bunch of police out here, and they've got the place surrounded. I'm the guy," the caller told the 911 dispatcher.  "I'm the guy apparently they're looking for."

According to police, Jasper Harrison had several marijuana plants in the storage unit. Investigators said he has no connection at all to the suspicious death investigation, which occurred just feet away.  "He was in the storage unit, he was locked in, and he wanted to come out.  He was unarmed," said Chief Arcieri, "so he sent key over top of the door, so we could unlock it and let him out."

Harrison, 47, was arrested for cultivation of cannabis and transported to the Volusia County Branch Jail.