Florida biologists discuss capture of largest python on state record

Biologists at the Conservancy of Southwest Florida announced their biggest catch yet: an 18-foot python weighing in at 215 pounds.

"That snake had 122 developing eggs inside, which is a record," said biologist Ian Bartoszek, with the organization. 

It’s a snake so big, that it eats deer for lunch. 

"We could tell it had consumed an adult white-tailed deer," said biologist Ian Easterling.

Biologists at the organization use a team of 40 male pythons they call scout snakes. 

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"We capture them in the field they come into this lab there’s a surgical implantation of a transmitter with a veterinarian," explained Bartoszek.

The snakes are tagged and utilized during the breeding months to help find female pythons.

"Our male scout snakes are a magnet. They lead us to these reproductive females of which the team catches and humanely euthanizes," said Bartoszek.

The organization has removed more than 1,000 pythons, weighing more than 26,000 pounds.

The largest on record before this was 185 pounds. This one – at 215 – gave them quite the battle. 

"It took about 20 minutes just to hold her, just restrain her, long enough to keep her head and mouth contained, so she doesn’t bite anyone and then carry her out of the woods. There wasn’t a bag big enough," described Ian Easterling.