Tavares says no to mini-pigs as pets

They say a dog is a man's best friend, but what about pigs?  A man in Tavares says the city is forcing him out in order to keep his.

Most people who live on Rockingham Avenue had no idea what was behind James DuMars' wooden fence, until one day, a city sanitation worker got a peak.  One, two, three, four ... well, nine little piggies -- seven really little ones, plus poppa pig, "Mr. Pigglesworth," and momma pig, "Karma."

DuMars says, "We were hoping and expecting if they weren't allowed someone would have informed us before we got to that point."

The City of Tavares does not allow livestock within city limits and city council members shot down a motion unanimously Wednesday to allow two mini-pigs per house.  Mayor Lori Pfister said not one person she spoke to was in favor of the pigs.  DuMars says he is devastated.  

Mini-pigs can grow to weigh as much as 180 pounds, and then of course, momma can have even more little piglets.

"The people who are against it, I guarantee have never had pigs and have a complete misconception as to what they are all about,"  DuMars says.

DuMars had seven 4-week-old piglets that he is now hoping to adopt out.