Teen accused of running down OPD officer requests bond

A Monday morning bond hearing for Edward Kelty III came to a halt when Circuit Court Judge Julie O'Kane told state prosecutors and the defense she wants time to look at some police video.  It is video the state says shows 18-year-old Kelty running over Orlando Police Officer William Anderson near Kirkman and Vineland roads in the early morning hours of July 13.  

Kelty's defense attorney says the video shows Kelty swerving to avoid Officer Anderson and the officer losing his balance, falling and injuring himself all on his own.  Arguments were made in front of a standing room only crowd. 

Kelty's mother and father and their pastor testified that one of them would be with him 24-7 if he was released from jail on bond pending his April trial.   Orlando Police Officer William Anderson sat quietly with his service dog as his wife testified that their family would be in fear for their safety if Kelty bonded out.  She also told the judge how Officer Anderson's life has changed since the July morning investigators say he was nearly killed on the job. 

"He still to this day has memory loss issues, tremors throughout his body, headaches, severe spinal cord pain, head pain neck pain he suffers PTSD, depression.  He has nightmares allows every night. He still cannot pick up our three-year-old daughter and hold her," Jessica Anderson testified.

Kelty is charged with attempted second-degree murder on a law enforcement officer, aggravated battery causing great bodily harm and leaving the scene of a crash with serious bodily injury.State prosecutors made it clear they do not want the judge to allow Kelty to bond out, but if the judge does set bond, they do not want it any less thank $50,000. 

The judge is expected to issue a written ruling on Friday.