Teen assembles hospital care kits for patients

An Orange County teenager is hoping to make a difference in the lives of other teens and parents if they find themselves at the hospital for an emergency.   Dayna Chavarria, 14, puts together care kits, she says, "to help kids with chronic illnesses."  

Dayna herself suffers from six different illnesses.  “I’m in and out of the hospital a lot,” she says.  Dayna suffers from pseudotumor cerebri.  It causes pressure on the cerebrum and affects the brain. She also has issues with her spinal cord.

Dayna’s mother, Brenda, says her daughter has had to be treated at the hospital at the last minute, leaving her no time to pack. “It plays a big part on us -- arriving to the hospital and being told you have to stay, you can’t leave, she has to be admitted and you have nothing, no toothbrush, no essential things for a night’s stay.”

But through Danya’s Dream Foundation,  Dayna and her mom hope to help other kids and parents, by giving out care kits with toothbrushes, soap and even games for the kids. “We’ve given out 72 at Arnold Palmer Hospital.”

They’ve also given out 40 at Shands Hospital in Gainesville. They say right now, the kits are sponsored through friends. “While I was at the hospital, there have been plenty of times when I didn’t have a dime to get coffee. We struggle financially, but we want to brighten someone else’s day.”

While Brenda admits the family is struggling financially, she says helping others is priceless. “It’s so nice to give back despite our situation, it warms our heart.”

This mother daughter  team, hopes to find others sponsors so they can help others in need. “I love to give the kids something to have while they’re there.”

For more information on how to donate to Danya’s Dream Foundation, click here.