'Terrified!': Family, pet dog attacked by 2 other dogs

Two pit bulls were captured on camera attacking a pug, with the owner also suffering bites during the brief incident.

Jeannett Vescovi, accompanied by her dog "Jenetto," was ambushed by the pit bulls while exiting her house. It all lasted less than 60 seconds. 

"I was terrified. I was yelling, screaming for my husband to come out," she said.

Vescovi's family, including her son, daughter, and husband, intervened, using a chair to fend off one of the pit bulls. Unfortunately, this did not prevent the pit bull from grabbing Jenetto near his harness. Both Jeannett and Jenetto sustained injuries during the attack but were treated and released on the same day. Jeannett now bears scars and bruises on her leg.


"I really thought he was going to be dead after being shaken like a rag dog," she explained.

Shortly after this incident, neighbors reported being attacked by the same pit bull. 

Gaurav Patel's father and dog were injured, with the German Shepherd requiring stitches and Gaurav's father sustaining injuries. 

"We were afraid for him," he said of his 70-year-old father. "But if it was someone else, this could’ve taken a scary turn and turned out worse."

Seminole County Animal Services has initiated an investigation and currently has both pit bulls in custody. Authorities anticipate declaring at least one of the dogs as dangerous based on their findings.