These Christmas displays take it to the next level

Whether you’re seeking holiday cheer or want to give your bedazzled neighbor’s house a run for the money, we’ve got all the Christmas light inspiration you need! These are our favorite decked out far.

If two’s company and three’s a crowd, a yard full of lawn ornaments is an invasion.


This traffic-stopping display widely broadens the definition of what can be “Christmas lights.”


Don’t stop at your rooftop. Tall trees in your yard mean the sky’s the limit.


Ornaments aren’t just for the indoor tree!


If your neighbors go dark, you go twice as bright!


If you want to include every decoration on the market:


A waterside property means double the lights, for half the price!


If you don’t have a yard OR trees, just cover every other possible surface.


The secret is lasers.


Santa Claus is barreling into town on this train:


This homeowner tells is like it is.


There’s probably a house in here somewhere.