Tim Kaine wows partisan crowd in Daytona Beach

Hillary Clinton's pick for vice president spent the day in Central Florida, courting voters in the most important swing area in the nation, the "I-4 corridor."   U.S. Senator Tim Kaine, of Virginia, told the crowd full of Democrats just how simple this election would be.

“I like to boil things down and make them just plain, and I am going to get into some details on this, because they matter, but I want to just be real simple.  America gets to choose whether they want a ‘you’re hired’ President, or a ‘you’re fired President’.  That’s the choice.  It’s so simple. It’s so simple.”

Kaine spoke to a packed house at Daytona State College and seemed to know just where he was.

“Families ought to be able to go to college and kids ought to be able to graduate debt free. That is a big reach but this country can do it. This country can do it.”

Kaine spoke for about 30 minutes, emphasizing Hillary Clinton's plans to bring more jobs to America in her first 100 days, but did admit that plan calls for more taxes.

“This is not free. It is going to cost something. So unlike Donald Trump, she says here is how I am going to pay for it, and what we are going to do is we are going to ask those who have disproportionally benefited from it, the wealthiest biggest corporations, Wall Street. We are going to ask them to pay more. “

Switching easily back and forth between English and Spanish, Kaine saved his best for his opponent, Donald Trump

“We are too great a nation to run a risk of believing Donald Trump, too great..... “You don’t get many details out of Donald Trump. He tends to say ‘everybody’s going to be rich believe me. We’re going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it, believe me. We are going to beat ISIS so fast, believe me'. Where’s the details? Or 'hey look, there’s nothing funny about my tax returns, believe me, believe me' (laughter).”

Senator Kaine used the speech to highlight the differences between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

“She’s had a consistent passion to serve people, not just herself before she had taken office and that has served her her whole life. That’s character. Donald Trump has a consistent passion too that showed up long before he decided to run for President that he has followed with rigid consistency his whole life, and you guessed the punch line. That passion is Donald J Trump.”

Expect both Republicans and Democrats to barnstorm the I-4 corridor. It should again be the most competitive area of the nation, and where again, the Presidency will be decided.