Toledo guilty in murder of wife, 2 children

A jury has found Luis Toledo guilty on all counts in the murders of his wife, Yessenia Suarez, 28, and her two children, Thalia Otto, 9, and Michael Otto, 8. 


In closing statements on Friday, state prosecutors argued that Toledo, 35, murdered his family in October of 2013, because he believed his wife was cheating on him.  Their bodies have never been found.

"There is no greater motive for murder," Mark Johnson said, adding that this was the only logical explanation. 

They went through all the evidence presented in the case, including blood on a car mat, a boot, and three places inside the home, and Toledo's own admission in jailhouse interviews to killing his wife in self defense.

Toledo said, "She grabbed me from back. I got so tired of her grabbing on me. I hit her in neck and she fell onto floor. She couldn't breathe, stopped breathing. She stopped breathing. She died looking at me."

The defense said there's no way Toledo could have killed the kids and that it had to be the neighbor.

"They went in there, got in argument. Tyshawn Jackson was there and Tyshawn Jackson killed his kids," said Toledo's attorney, Jeff Deen.

Toledo was convicted on two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of the two children and one county of second-degree murder in the death of Suarez.  He was also convicted on a charge of tampering with evidence.  

The trial now proceeds to the penalty phase, during which time the jury will determine if Toledo should be sentenced to death or life in prison. Court will resume on Wednesday, Nov. 1.