Two more Neo-Nazi demonstrators arrested after hanging antisemitic banners over I-4 in Florida: FDLE

Two more Neo-Nazi demonstrators who are accused of hanging antisemitic banners over I-4 in Orlando were arrested, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement said Wednesday. 

Ronald Murray, 41, and Amanda Rains, 36, were arrested along with two others after the group hung antisemitic hate banners along the Darryl Carter Parkway Bridge in Orlando, the FDLE said. 


Mugshot of Ronald Murray


Mugshot of Amanda Rains

The arrests come after Governor Ron DeSantis signed House Bill 269 earlier this year prohibiting individuals from displaying or projecting images onto a building, structure, or property without permission. 

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Last week, 48-year-old Jason Brown of Cape Canaveral was the first suspect to be arrested in the June 10 incident. On Monday, the second suspect, Anthony Altick, 36, was arrested for violating the newly enacted law. 

FDLE said on June 10, the suspects placed banners along a fence without receiving written permission. The banners had swastika flags and racist messages that hung directly over I-4. 

Murray and Rains were charged with criminal mischief, according to FDLE.