UCF police release image of persons of interest in anti-Semitic postings

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The University of Central Florida police have released a photograph of persons of interest in what they have identified as anti-Semitic postings on campus property.  They are asking anyone who can help in identifying the two men, to call UCFPD at 407-823-5555.

Anti-Semitic stickers appeared on bulletin boards and newspaper boxes on campus earlier this month.   One cluster of stickers were found near high rises close to the CFE Arena.  UCF police say more stickers were found on bulletin boards in the Nike and Lake Claire campus communities as well. 

Images of the two persons of interest were taken from security footage from outside Tower IV around midnight Sunday, Nov. 15. 

"Events on the campus of the University of Missouri and in our very own residence halls serve as a reminder that respect must overcome hate -- we do not tolerate bigotry and offensive behavior. We are family, and we must all feel safe and confident that our identities and our values are respected," read a joint statement released by UCF Police Chief Richard Beary and Dr. Maribeth Ehasz, with Student Development and Enrollment Services.  "Our UCF Police Department is continuing to investigate anti-Semitic stickers and fliers placed in and near UCF oncampus residence halls. The displays are not reflective of the values of UCF, and we're asking for your help to identify people who may know more about their origins."