UF police search for serial flasher

University of Florida Police are looking for a serial flasher. Investigators say a man has exposed himself to others nearly a dozen times, both on and off campus. Officer Wayne Clark with campus police said “He is just exposing himself to these women. He’s not made any threats to them. He has not talked to them. He has not touched them.”

It has occurred 10 times in total, said police -- six times off campus, and four on campus. Three of the on capmus incidents happened in the stairwell of Parking Garage 8, right across from sorority row. It began in January and has continued through last Friday.  "I think that’s pretty disgusting. It hasn’t happened to me,” said Janiece Sebris, a junior.  

The women all reported the same thing: a man in his 20s to 30s exposes himself to female students as they pass by. They call police, and he runs away.

Officer Clark said, “We are increasing our patrols, and we’re doing everything in our power. We’re working with the Gainesville Police Department in order to apprehend him and  to put a stop to this.”

If you see the suspect, call police immediately.