UF students stock up and hunker down as Idalia approaches

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Through most of the day Tuesday, the University of Florida’s campus looked pretty normal.  Students still had class until noon, so the campus was still abuzz through the morning. After that though, many students said they planned to buy supplies to prepare for Hurricane Idalia. 

Noyana Pierre-Louis says she was in the dorms for Hurricane Ian last year. She says it wound up being a bonding experience.

"All these people who are new to college and it’s like, ‘Okay, hunker down in your dorms with no classes," she recalled. "My roommates threw a party in Broward. They used our triple and the multiple bunk beds to just have a great time."

This will be Jack Magalsky’s first year on campus for a hurricane.

He told FOX 35 he wasn’t worried. Then, he listed the things he was worried about.

"I live in a second-story apartment," said Magalsky. "Of course, flooding could be an issue. The most thing I’m worried about is the trees, they could come crashing down. We do have some palm trees, so that’s the biggest issue I’m worried about currently."

UF says it’s keeping its dining halls open through the storm.

Eli Hasebroock told FOX 35 that’s different from last year.

"It’s good for me, but also I would feel bad for the workers," said Hasebroock. "I rely on that dining hall for food, but if the storm directly hits us, it’s going to be hard for people to use the dining hall in general."

When FOX 35 talked to students on Monday, most had just heard about the storm.

Tuesday, people seemed to be preparing a bit better.

 "I have supplies. I have flashlights, I have water, I have food," said Magalsky.

"I got some rice packets and bagels and bread – just stuff that I can eat without needing power, just in case," said Hasebroock.

So far, UF is scheduled to go back to normal on Thursday, but the school will send out alerts if that changes.