Valencia College holds memorial for 7 students who were Pulse shooting victims

"One Pulse, Hands United."  That is just a semblance of how people on campus are feeling. As people gather to remember seven of the victims.”

At least 100 people united at Valencia College’s East Campus to honor the 49 people killed in the Pulse nightclub terror attack. Seven of the victims are connected to the college:

Amanda Alvear last attended the college in Spring 2016. She was working toward her associates in Arts/General Studies.

Oscar Arancena-Montero, attended summer 2012 and was working on an associates in science/business administration.

Cory Connell, last attended in Spring 2016, and was working on an associates degree in general studies.

Mercedez Flores, last attended in summer 2016, and was studying general studies focusing on hospitality.

Juan Guerrero, graduated spring 2016 with a general studies associates.

Luis Ocasio-Capo last attended in Spring 2016. He was working on an associates in Theatre. He was in Professor Michelle Paswater’s class .

Michelle Paswaters who is a professor of New Student Experience  told Fox 35's David Williams “He called himself a private person. But I thought he was genuine and kind. He wanted everyone to feel accepted.”

There was something he wrote that will stay with her. She shared a quote from one of his papers.

“It says “At times, it is a scary feeling to think that even when you do all you can do, everything possible to become what you dreamed of, it can all be taken away from you in a split second," As she read the quote aloud.

She said “It’s sad, but at the same time, it seems like he had something in his heart that he maybe knew a little bit.”

As we all remember the lives taken from us far too soon.

“We will never forget you. Your names will forever be in our hearts.” That’s what a lot of people on campus are saying.