Venomous snakes on the move in Central Florida

As snake expert Bob Cross pulled on his boots Thursday, he got ready to visit the same Lake Mary yard he has been back to repeatedly this week, this time hoping to figure out why he’s now caught seven venomous snakes there.

"Eight cottonmouth/water moccasins in one yard is totally unusual," said Cross.  "There's just no way.”

Cross and a fellow snake expert were venturing into the woods next to the home Thursday in hopes of finding where the snakes were coming from and why they were choosing that yard. Sure enough, they discovered a trench of wetlands that lead directly to that one yard, but the wet lands were almost dried up.

"The drought is pushing them,” said Cross. “If the swamps are drying up cotton mouths are just like alligators they're gonna go to the next water hole."

Cross said he’s had an influx of venomous snake calls since the drought conditions began to plague Central Florida. He said until the weather starts getting wet again those snakes will be moving around, trying to find new sources for water, and likely showing up very close to people.

Cross warns that people should watch their hands and feet, especially when working around shrubs or bushes, and keep an eye on kids and pets when outside.

The duo’s trip into the woods didn’t yield the eighth snake that was spotted in that same yard, but Cross said he wouldn’t be surprised to get the call that it showed up again near the home.