Veteran in The Villages bilked out of nearly $32K

A 77-year-old Navy veteran living in The Villages is out of nearly $32,000 after he says a hired handyman stole it right out of his checking account.

"I never had any problems with my bank before," explained Arnold Segerholm.

Mark Guemble, 47, is the man Lady Lake police officers and Sumter County sheriff's deputies say orchestrated it.

Segerholm says, "I didn't pay attention to my checking account.  Then one day I showed up and asked how much is left in the bank?"

Segerholm showed up at the bank and learned he only had $4 and some change left in his account.   He pointed the finger at Guemble, the lawn worker and handyman he had hired -- the worker Segerholm told police never did the work.

Eventually, Guemble admitted to taking Segerholm's checkbook, police say.  According to investigators, Guemble wrote cashed nearly 50 checks, between April and November.  He told police he was having financial issues.

Guemble is in jail facing grand theft, among other charges.