Veteran with ALS needs motorcycle sidecar for service dog, bike stability

A U.S. Army veteran from Ormond Beach was recently diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, and can no longer ride his motorcycle. He is now hoping he can raise money to get a sidecar, so his bike has more stability, and he can bring his service dog along for the ride.

Jeff Bean was diagnosed with ALS in March and given 14 months to live, but he'd like to continue his love of riding motorcycles while he still has time. ALS is a disease with no cure, just treatments to slow down or ease the symptoms.

His legs aren't strong enough to hold up the bike at stop signs and intersections so he's hoping to get a sidecar so he doesn't have to put his feet down and his service dog Koa can ride with him.

"There will come a day where I can no longer ride the motorcycle and to do that as long as possible be it 10 months, 10 years I want to be able to do it," said Jeff Bean.

Bean and his wife, Angela, are now trying to cherish every moment they have.

"We know what’s going to happen, we know what the final result is going to be," said Angela Bean. "It’s not something I had in mind when we got married, we were going to live until we were in our 90s and do all these things together, but now we’re just having to change our plans, a little different."

Angela Bean started this fundraiser to get the sidecar with the hopes that her husband can ride again. You can more information here.

"I want him to have something for as long as he can – that he doesn’t have to give up," said Angela Bean.

The Beans said they're purchasing the sidecar through an organization that will also donate part of the proceeds to an organization that helps children with special needs.