Vets scramble to save dog's life

Sherman is a five-year-old Saint Bernard that was cared for by staff at the Lake County Animal Shelter after the dog overheated.

He appeared dazed and unable to move as veterinarians around him poured water over his body.  They placed him a kiddie pool after his temperature rose to around 104 degrees. 

"He was very much out of it. You could tell he was in a lot of discomfort," said Christopher Sizemore, with the shelter. "He wasn't really responsive, kind of just laying there like a big hairy dog in Florida would, if they were overheating."

Sherman, also nicknamed "The Tank," was surrendered to the shelter by his owner, who couldn't pay to save his dog, according to staff.

"Couldn't get dog out of a ditch, apparently collapsed, possibly a heat stroke," Sizemore explained.

Sherman is now in the care of Abby's Animal Rescue in Orlando, but his condition has not improved.  The rescue says Sherman has suffered brain damage and is in critical condition.  He may not make it -- a sad lesson to learn about the dangers of leaving pets outside in this Florida heat.  

"Keep your pets indoors if at all possible," Sizemore said.

Experts also say to limit walks during the middle of the day, and be sure pets have access to fresh water.