Victim of alligator attack home from hospital

An 87-year-old DeLand man is home from the hospital after he was bitten by an eight-foot alligator and lived to tell the story.

"[I] pulled my hand and my leg out, and I tumbled backwards. When I first got on my feet, I saw the animal about five feet away with its mouth open, sorta hissing at me," Richard Kneubel explained.

He said helped arrived quickly, but he did what he could until he received help.

"The blood's coming out of here," Kneubel said, gesturing to his hand, "and I put my t-shirt around it and it saturated real quick."

Kneubel is beaten up, but he has a great outlook, considering what he's been through..

"I don't have problems. Those people out on the islands from the hurricane, they have problems. I have a home, they don't have a home."

Kneubel said the gator has been hanging around the boatyard for years. He hopes to get back to work soon.