Video appears to show 3 cars torched with Molotov cocktails in DeBary neighborhood, deputies say

Three cars in DeBary torched in their driveways while the homeowners were asleep. The incident left the cars completely gutted sitting in two driveways.

"I just woke up and flames," said Michael Cushing.

Cushing awoke to a huge ball of flames outside his window. A neighbor’s security camera showed the cars erupting into flames around 4:45 in the morning.]

"Just took what we could. Phone, wallet, keys anything we need because we didn’t know if it was going to get to the house," said Cushing.

The flames also woke Michael’s neighbor Joe.

"I heard a lot of blowing up and popping. The windshield blowing up. It was pretty scary," said Joe Schmidt.

Joe shared an exclusive video with FOX 35 News of the moments before the fire. In it, you can see a person walk up to the two homes on Oak Springs Court. The person tries to light a rag on fire, but it doesn’t go so the suspect leaves.

"About 20 minutes later I saw they came back between the two houses. He fumbles around and then all of a sudden the first car blew up," said Schmidt.

The suspect torched three cars in the driveways of two homes. Michael and his family have no idea why.

"It’s just how do you even? Like we were just talking a couple hours ago and how do we go to sleep tonight knowing that there’s just some guy or a person walking around that just wandered up," said Cushing.

No one was hurt in the fires and the homes weren’t damaged. Volusia County Deputies are investigating these burnings and are urging anyone with information to contact them immediately.