VIDEO: Men seen jumping off Daytona Beach bridge

It's against the law, and it's dangerous as can be, but that did not stop three men from jumping off a Daytona Beach bridge into the water over the weekend.  Boaters below watched in disbelief, and one of them rolled a cell phone video.

It's the leap of faith that's going viral.  It happened Saturday afternoon.  A dare devil jumped off the International Speedway Boulevard Bridge.  It's the one that takes you from downtown Daytona Beach across the causeway and then to the beach.  Then moments later, his two friends take the plunge together.

Ann Richardson was on a boat under the bridge and recorded an amazing video on her cell phone.  More than 154 thousand people have viewed it on her King of the Inlet Facebook page.   You can see boaters on the video keeping their distance, wondering where the jumpers will land.  Richardson said, "Anything could have happened.  You know a gust of wind or they could have jumped wrong."

Florida Department of Transportation tells us it's a seventy foot drop to the water where the three men launched their stunning stunt.  Witnesses say they were not hurt. Richardson says the men hopped off a boat, climbed up on shore and walked to the center of the U.S. 92 bridge before their wild free falls.

Richardson's group saw the men back on their boat after their jumps.  She adds, "They were completely out of wind. It knocked the air out of them, but they were fine.  They were laughing and carrying on."

More than six hundred people have commented on Richardson's video.  She says her social media video is not designed to encourage others to take the plunge. Richardson points out, "I tried to discourage them from doing it.  So I definitely would not do it myself, much less recommend anyone else to do it."

Police say jumping off that bridge is a non-criminal traffic offense that could land you a $116 fine, or it could kill you.  A Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission spokesman said jumping off a bridge and obstructing a waterway with boats in it, is also against the law in Florida.