Video released of arrest in attempted kidnapping in Port Orange

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Port Orange police detectives on Friday released body camera video taken during the arrest of a man who stands accused in the attempted kidnapping of a teenage girl.

Jonathan Buchanan, 26, was taken into custody on Thursday, the same day authorities said he tried to kidnap a girl who was walking by herself along Peninsula Drive to catch a school bus.

"A car approached her from behind, stopped the car in the middle of the road,, suspect got out and tried to make small talk with our victim," said Chief Frank Fabrazio. 

He says the situation escalated fast.

"Then, [he] actually grabbed her in the rear end, grabbed her hand when she pulled away. He grabbed her put one hand around her waist one hand around her mouth and tried to drag her into his car."

The 16-year-old fought back, swinging and biting.

"She tried to bite his hand and that's when he let go and that's when she started screaming and he went ran back to the car and took off," said Chief Fabrazio. 

The victim called 911 and within minutes Daytona Shores Police saw the suspect's car going 70 miles per hour heading towards the bridge to the mainland. 

"What I think was a little odd, when the police officer pulled him over, his pants were unbuttoned and the zipper was open, he had a teddy bear in the car. I don't think those are normal things someone drives around with," said Chief Fabrazio.  

Investigators say the victim was able to positively ID her attacker and that Buchanan had a fresh mark on his hand. 

"He had an inch or two scratch on his hand, could have been from a tooth or braces."

Chief Fabrazio says the brave teen's quick thinking saved her from a very dangerous situation. 

"Based on the info I have right now, I think his intentions were very bad."

Buchanan made his first appearance before a judge on Friday.   He is being held on a $75,000 bond.  His attorney said that bond amount is excessive and they will be asking for another bond hearing in the near future.