Video shows FHP trooper's car slammed by driver accused of failing to observe 'move over' law

The Florida Highway Patrol on Wednesday released a startling video capturing the moment a trooper’s patrol car was slammed at 70 miles per hour from behind by a person accused of not obeying the "move over" law.  

“Both vehicles were totaled. Had to be towed from the scene,” said Sgt. Liam Chambers.

This was an accident that troopers say could have been prevented had the other driver either moved over a lane or slowed down to 20 miles per hour under the posted speed limit.

“It boils down to safety,” Sgt. Chambers said.

The trooper was parked half in the emergency lane and half on the grassy shoulder northbound on the Florida turnpike in a construction zone.  He says he had ever light on his patrol car flashing to warn drivers to slow down and move over to keep the workers safe.  

In the dashboard camera video, you can clearly see a construction worker wearing a reflective safety vest running as he sees the car coming seconds before the patrol car got rear-ended with the trooper inside.  

“It was the impact and the glass of my rear window coming through over the top of me and trying to figure out what happened to me.  I was sitting in my car with my seatbelt on, fortunately,” said Sgt. Chambers.

From his rear-mounted camera, troopers estimate that the car that slammed into Sgt. Chambers was going at least 70 miles per hour. 

“Both myself and the driver of the other vehicle were taken by ambulance to the hospital,” Sgt. Chambers said.

He missed three months of work while recovering from his injuries.  

“I have four herniated discs in my back, injuries to my shoulder which we’re still ironing out exactly what those are and other issues and problems that have come about because of the crash," said Sgt. Chambers.  

Doctors tell him some of the symptoms he is still suffering could linger forever, all caused by a driver trooper say broke the move over law.  

“Please pay attention. Slow down and move over. It’s that simple. If you can’t move over, slow to 20 mph below speed limit,” said Sgt. Chambers.

Getting caught not adhering to the move over law could cost you a hefty ticket plus three points on your driver's license, four points if you are involved in a crash.