Video voyeurism arrest at UCF

Campus police at the University of Central Florida arrested a 19-year-old nursing student, Shaun Ragasa, charging him with video voyeurism in a men's restroom. 

They say a man using the bathroom looked up and saw a smartphone with a flash being held over the stall divider and aimed into his stall at the Student Union.  They say the victim confronted Ragasa who cried, denied taking a picture, then said he did take one but deleted it. 

UCF PD says the Ragas then ran off.  Investigators say surveillance cameras captured video of Ragasa leaving, which helped them track him down. 

When detectives brought Ragasa in for questioning, they say he agreed to let them check his phone.  Investigators say that search turned up proof of the incident in the bathroom that the victim described as well other two other incidents involving unsuspecting victims. 

UCF PD says  the other two incidents did not occur on campus.  However, UCF PD believes there could be more victims out there.