Viral video shows Florida elementary students cheering for getting free time during class

A video of an elementary school class in Florida is going viral over the students' excitement over a little free time.

Mr. Dwayne Taylor, a second-grade teacher at Biscayne Elementary School in Jacksonville, captured the precious moment his students became overwhelmed with joy during their math lesson.

In the video, the teacher promises his students free time if one of the students answered a math question correctly. If not, the students would have to continue their classwork. 

"Alright, parents. We made a bet. If Harley gets this right, then we can have free time," the teacher said in the video.

"Harley, what answer did you write down," Taylor asked. 

"Seven," the young girl said.

It's safe to say the student got the answer right, as the entire class immediately erupted into cheers, in what sounded like a Super Bowl victory celebration.

(Watch the full video in the tweet below.)

In fact, one boy could be seen crying tears of joy as he hugged a classmate. 

The video has been making its rounds on social media, even catching the eye of celebrities such as Tabitha Brown and Iyanla Vanzant, who shared it on their social media pages. 

Taylor said the video inspires other people to be kind-hearted.