Volusia County Beach Safety reports over 100 rescues this weekend

Volusia County Beach Safety reports over 100 ocean rescues were conducted over the weekend in the midst of riptide conditions.

One of the rescues included two girls who were snatched away by a riptide on Friday. A man was surfing when he saw a lifeguard headed toward two girls with a rescue buoy. He paddled out to one of the girls and was able to get her on his surfboard.

Due to the choppy water conditions, the man said it took roughly an hour to get back to shore. There were several safety patrol officers in the water as well. Eventually, everyone was able to make it back to the shore and no injuries were reported.

Leslie Acosta witnessed the incident and called the incident in. She was flying a drone above as she observed the two struggle to keep their head above water. "I was very scared, I had never seen so many rescuers jump into the water," she said. 

She said the incident only reaffirmed her need to stay safe during riptide conditions. "It is paramount to take into consideration the colors of the flags that are flying," Acosta said. "They’re not flying there for aesthetics. They mean something."

Monday marks the start of Beach Safety Week. Beach Safety officials urge all beachgoers to swim in front of lifeguard towers.