Volusia Council Chairman attacked by rooster

Volusia County Chairman Jason Davis is used to an occasional attack in the county chambers but nothing like what happened on his 11-acre home in Pierson this past weekend.

Roadie the rooster took down the county's top leader.  Davis laughed, "Here I am, the victim of a rooster attack!"   Davis was in his yard working on his workbench.  He said, "Two of my hens laid eggs in a box in my barn. I heard them. I  checked it out, said good girls! I went about my way."

Roadie heard the commotion and came to check it out as well.  As Davis stood to get a hammer, he saw Roadie.  "At that point, he decided it's time to attack and he fluffed his feathers and charged me. I raised my right foot to kick at him. He kinda flared back, and he took his two spurs which are on the legs on the inside, they are about as big around as our pinky and about 4-5 inches long, they're very sharp and he jabbed them into my ankle."

One spur went through his jeans and boot. Davis said, "I had a pair of rattlesnake boots on. I had a big, fat, white sock on like you just saw. It went through all that, into my skin, down to the bone and cut a tendon."

It was so bad, Davis had to go to the hospital and get on antibiotics. He wore a boot and used a cane for a few days, and on Tuesday, he was still limping.  "Needless to say, it hurt. It's really pretty sore, ankle is swollen and there's some pain in it."

His advice: never trust a rooster.