Volusia County may expand sections of beaches where vehicles are allowed

As Volusia County Commissioners look to expand beach parking, there could be more parking on Daytona Beach, but the idea has mixed reactions.

The Volusia County Council will decide if they want to make Daytona Beach a drivable section from International Speedway Blvd. to Auditorium Blvd.

"It doesn’t bother me at all. We’re going to go to the beach whether there are cars on the beach or not," added one beachgoer.

"There definitely needs to be places for it, but I don’t think the whole beach should have cars all over it," added another. "I think there should be spots like this where it is just sand, and we don’t have to go around cars."

In 1996, the Volusia County Council voted to prohibit beach driving when a certain number of parking spaces were reached. Beach parking in the stretch between International Speedway Blvd and Auditorium Blvd ended 24 years ago when 1,500 parking spaces were opened at the Ocean Center.


Some people believe expanding parking in the sand will make it easier for people to go to the beach on weekends.

"I think on the weekends when it gets really busy I think there’s a need for parking and I think it’s nice for families to not have to carry all their items," said Kate, who was at the beach.

But not everyone feels the same way.

"I think it’s cool they have that option to bring your car on the beach, but at the same time, it kills that natural effect," said another beachgoer, Ruby. "There’s already not a lot of places to set up camp, and when there are cars, it makes it more difficult."

The council is set to discuss this next week. According to the agenda, the beach parking expansion would need a council vote and approval from the state.