Volusia County updates school conduct code with new rules for cell phones, vaping and guns

It's going to be a big day in Volusia County on Monday when students return for the first day class. Parents and caregivers are getting ready.

"Today we picked up some jeans. So far, we're still looking for some shorts, and shirts, and all that good stuff," said Bonnie Hart, who was shopping with her granddaughter.

More than seven school districts across Central Florida welcomed students back to class last week. Volusia County schools start on the August 14. 

"I think it's fantastic, it gives us an opportunity to enjoy that last week with not so many tourists or those around us," said Heather Lehman, a Volusia County mother.

This year, the school district is rolling out new updates to the student code of conduct. Cell phones are not allowed during class, unless a teacher makes an exception. Vapes or other tobacco products are banned on campus. For parents, all firearms need to stay at home, even with Florida’s new concealed carry law.


Schools safety director Todd Smith said he wanted to make sure there was a clear message when classes started. 

"Anyone who willfully and knowingly possesses a firearm at school-sponsored event or school property, still third degree felony," he said. "Not in car, not in parking lot or school property. Just that."



Parents said they were looking forward to a terrific year. 

"I think it's going to be a great school year," Lehman said, "I trust in our system and those in charge."

Click here for more information about Volusia County Schools conduct code.