VP Mike Pence visits Florida to show support for Gov. Rick Scott's senate campaign

Air Force Two touched down in Central Florida on Thursday, delivering a White House endorsement for Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rick Scott.

"Florida and America need Rick Scott in the Senate. He's a great friend of mine, great friend of the president and hes been an extraordinary governor," Vice President Mike Pence told a crowd of donors. "Rick, I don't want to cast another tie-breaking vote again!"

Pence highlighted what he called Scott's successes as governor.

"To see the remarkable comeback of Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma is a testament to great Florida leadership and a great Florida governor."

Gov. Scott used his time at the podium economic growth.

"Florida's job growth rate is outpacing the nation, and our national economy is coming to life as well. Why? Because we cut taxes, government waste, we've lived within our means. We cut regulations and we created an economy that brought more and more opportunity to people."

Pence attended two fundraisers for Scott's Senate campaign. The first one was held here in Orlando, the second in the Villages. Both were private events.