WATCH: Eastern diamondback rattlesnake takes stroll through Deltona neighborhood

Residents are on alert after an Eastern diamondback rattlesnake was spotted slithering through a Deltona neighborhood. 

Steven Travis said he was riding his bicycle near the intersection of Evard and Chapel when he spotted the critter, measuring about four feet. 

Snake expert Bob Cross tells FOX 35 while not rare in Florida, Eastern diamondback rattlesnakes are dwindling in population.

He catches snakes for a living and said he’s only caught about three or four in the last few years.

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He says a bite from the snake can be lethal especially to pets and small children. He adds diamondbacks are more common in rural, wooded areas.

Travis said while he’s spotted Pygmy, he’s never seen a diamondback. Ironically, he works with Byrd’s Leather, making leather products often with snake skin.