'We do believe in the miraculous' says cousin of man who survived deadly crash

The victim thrown from the impact of semi-crash on Interstate 4 on Wednesday is now recovering.

"One loud bang,"  is what Brenda Davis says her cousin, Calvin Bryant, heard moments before a two-semi truck crash sent him flying into the air. "He said he heard a loud noise and then he just knew he was flying and landing 15 feet away from the truck."

Brenda said Bryant shared photographs of the accident scene. In them, you can see one semi destroyed from the crash. The driver of that semi, Leon Harvey, died, after slamming into the back of Bryant's semi-truck.

Bryant was outside of his truck, on the shoulder of I-4 at mile marker 106, when the force of the crash propelled him into the air.  His family is in awe by his recovery.

"We do believe in the miraculous, we believe in the power of prayer, and so that's what we're doing right now, we're praying," says Brenda.

Bryant underwent surgery Wednesday night.  Every toe in his right foot is broken, and right now he's immobile.

"His condition is serious, but he's been very alert; he's been staying in touch with everyone."

But Brenda says there's one person she'd like to thank, a nurse who stopped to help her cousin after the crash,

"He said the first person that came over to me, was a nurse. She was someone one the roadway and she just held his head to keep him still until he could be taken away... I'd love to know who she is actually."