Website allows you to track down what stores have products, including toilet paper, in stock

Having trouble finding what you need in the store? Well, with just a few clicks, a website will help you track down supplies. allows you to search for certain products, showing you the closest stores to your zipcode that actually have the item in stock.

However, when you search for popular items, the website does forewarn that "if an item is not on the shelf, it is possibly at the back or someone must've bought the item since inventory was last updated. This is just a tool to guide you in the right direction instead of randomly trying different stores. If you really need an item, call and speak to a store associate in advance."

MORE NEWS: Publix now allowing employees to wear masks and gloves at work was created by two students at the University of Texas, studying computer science. They recently launched the website to check inventories at big stores like Target and CVS. 

The site is free to use and is not the only one out there. A quick Google search yields other similar sites, including a toilet paper tracker. These attempt to track inventory in real-time.


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