Well above normal temperatures on the way for Central Florida

Ahhh! The 80s! A simpler time, no cell phones, the music was great and gas was super cheap! Well, the good times are coming back. This go around though, the 80s will be the corner stone of the weather outlook here in Central Florida. The warm up kicks into gear tomorrow as winds begin to come in off the Atlantic.

Expect upper 70s for the afternoon hours Thursday, skies will mix with clouds a bit, still a decent weather day. High pressure will move farther out into the Atlantic on Friday and through the weekend. It's at this time that we see more of a Southerly breeze developing, setting the stage for a surge in temps during the day and for the overnights.


Highs in the low-mid 80s will be rather common all across the Florida Peninsula, lows will bump back up into the mid-upper 60s. Keep in mind that average or "normal" temperature ranges for Central Florida this time of year are highs in the lower 70s and lows closer to roughly 50 degrees. So, it won't feel like January at all, more like early Spring.

The area of warm high pressure doesn't look to go anywhere fast according to the latest, longer range forecast models. The warmer weather may very well continue through next Wednesday, January 15th!

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