'We're coming after you': 30 suspected drug dealers arrested during Florida's Operation Deal Breaker

Photo credit: Volusia County Sheriff

About 30 suspected drug dealers in Volusia County are behind bars after a major drug sweep called 'Operation Deal Breaker.' 

The Volusia County Sheriff's Office says the operation kicked off during the summer in an effort to clean up the streets.

"Operation Deal Breaker targets street-level drug sales, including open drug deals near children’s bus stops," the sheriff's office wrote on Facebook.

The heat was brought to several areas where the sheriff's office says citizens have been complaining about ongoing drug activity. They say drug deals have been witnessed taking place near schools, parks and bus stops.

"In some cases, children getting off their school bus in DeLand were walking past drug deals happening a few feet away."

More arrests are expected. Sheriff Chitwood also has a warning for those who didn't get put in handcuffs this time around.

"To the drug dealers who want to use our streets as their own open-air drug markets, and drag down the quality of life for the honest, hard-working people of these neighborhoods, just know that we’re coming after you," Sheriff Mike Chitwood said. "We’re not going to let up. You’re not going to know when we’re coming next, but we’re coming."